Deep End GP Yorkshire and Humber


Deep End Y&H is supported by the Academic General Practice at the University of Sheffield 

About us

We are a network for GPs and other primary care staff who work in practices in the most socioeconomically deprived areas of Yorkshire and the Humber and who are passionate about tackling health inequity. Click here to find out more about us.

We work to make a difference across four connected areas:

Workforce Education Advocacy Research (W.E.A.R.)

More information can be found below on each area


Improve general practice recruitment

Provide relevant educational resources and sessions

Act as advocates for vulnerable patient groups and healthcare professionals

To research and record the experience of Deep End practioners and their patients


Deep End wellbeing events - Connecting in the kitchen

'Connecting in the Kitchen: Creating Wellbeing | The 10 Minute Toolkit: Writing for Wellbeing' will be held on Thursday 6th June at 7.30pm at South Street Kitchen.

Between everything we do there is the time to write. Poet and Lecturer Chris Jones will explore various creative writing strategies with you, whether you want to focus on ideas-generation or develop extended projects for those times when you might be imagination-rich but time-poor.

Register for the event here: 

We have been able to secure funding from south Yorkshire ICB for a series of wellbeing and educational events aimed at clinicians working at the Deep End.  The events are open to all, are free of charge and are based in Sheffield. Contact: 

We are very excited that the next Connecting in the Kitchen event is just around the corner.


Delivering Equitable Primary Care Conference

Delivering Equitable Primary Care conference launched the findings of EQUALISE and FAIRSTEPS, two independent but complementary studies on ways to reduce inequalities in and through primary care conducted at the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield.