The Inverse Care Law first described by Jullian Tudor-Heart 50 years ago states ‘The availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely with the need for it in the population served’.

Socioeconomically deprived populations are relatively underserved in terms of primary care v’s more affluent areas. This creates conditions where health inequalities open up.

Primary care is under-resourced in these areas and the Deep End Yorkshire and the Humber aim to address this issue. We work with partners in Health Education England, Medical Schools, the Primary Care Workforce Hub and across the ICS’s to do this.

This has lead to the development of:
● Primary Care Workforce Fellows
● Inclusion Health Champions
● Deep End Primary Care CPD sessions
● HEE Leadership Fellows

Workforce Portal

Here you will find links to partner organisations about different activities within our area. We also have PDF downloads and flyers for various groups and activities.

This section is updated regularly so please keep checking back!

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